J-Links for Oct. 2: Bert Archer on The Globe; Ukranian journos protest; Voter ID law halted in Pennsylvania


In Canadian media:

TVO’s The Agenda host to do reddit AMA

Want to ask The Agenda host Steve Paikin a question? He’s doing an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on reddit this Thursday at 12 p.m. EST.

Bert Archer: ‘The Globe is on a precipice’

In his Toronto Standard column, Bert Archer weighs in on the past week of The Globe and Mail’s Margaret Wente plagiarism story, saying that the one thing The Globe – and newspapers in general – cannot afford to lose is their readers’ faith in that what they print is the truth.

Rogers relaunches Canadian Health and Lifestyle magazine

The print version of Canadian Health and Lifestyle magazine, which Rogers purchased from Merit Marketing in April, has relaunched alongside a new iPad version of the magazine. The mag will be published six times per year now, up from the current four, MarketingMag reports.



In international media:

Ukranian journalists protest defamation bill

Ukranian journalists are protesting a defamation bill that will go through its final reading in Parliament next week that they feel could be used against journalists. The bill proposes tougher punishment for defamation, which could include up to five years in prison. Ukranian journalists have protested by holding blank signs and publishing editions of newspapers with blank front pages to highlight concerns about censorship.


Today’s read:

Controversial voter ID law in Pennsylvania halted by judge

A new Pennsylvania law that American democrats have reportedly said would make it harder for young adults, minorities, disabled people and lower-income people to vote and that Republicans reportedly said would allow Mitt Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania has been postponed by a judge just weeks before the presidential election.