J-Links: Coyne, Starowicz debate need for CBC; Nellie Bly play in Halifax; Somali sports journos targeted


In Canadian media:

Andrew Coyne and Mark Starowicz debate need for CBC

Postmedia columnist Andrew Coyne and longtime CBC producer Mark Starowicz faced off in a debate last night over the necessity of the CBC that was moderated by historian and author Mark Bliss. Melanie Coulson liveblogged the debate for The Ottawa Citizen.

Play honouring Nellie Bly opens in Halifax

A play that focuses on the life of Nelly Bly, the journalist best known for faking insanity and going undercover for 10 days in a mental institution in 1887, has opened in Halifax.  



In international media:

Somalia sports journalists targeted

In Somalia this year, 14 journalists have been killed, and sports journalists have been specifically targeted by the militant Al-Shabaab group that once controlled the capital of Mogadishu. This column from the Toronto Star’s Rosie DiManno explains why sports journalists are targeted and how sport fits in trying to piece together a fragile failed state.


Today’s read:

Do priority lines further divide by class?

This BBC feature looks at the trend of having priority lanes, lines and check-outs. Do they create a further class divide based on who can and cannot afford to pay to expedite themselves? Are priority lines, as BBC asks, “un-American”?