J-Links: Oct. 9 deadline for CBC transmitters; Canadian tweets during debate; Blowing up the beat


In Canadian media:

Deadline approaching to purchase CBC transmitters and towers

CBC shut down 623 of its analog transmitters and towers at the end of July and unless bid on by communities by Oct. 9, the infrastructure will be disposed of. The towers, according to Broadcaster, can be used to distribute CBC and Radio-Canada as well as community television or radio or other distant services.

Analyzing Canadians’ tweets during U.S. Presidential election

Last night, I was among 1 per cent of Canadians who tweeted five to seven times during the first of three U.S. Presidential debates, according to Mark Blevis. Blevis analyzed more than 136,000 tweets that Canadians contributed to the debate discussion yesterday, and found that we tweeted more about this debate than about the results of our own election in 2011.


In international media:

FactCheck on the debates


FactCheck.org has weighed in on the claims made by both President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney last night. Its verdict? Both candidates made exaggerations and statements that didn’t quite pass the truth test.


Today’s read:

Blowing up the beat

Is putting a reporter on a beat still the best way to organize him or her journalistically? Should beats have “expiration dates” or are they inherently valuable the way they are? These are the questions Josh Stearns examines for PBS MediaShift.