Today’s media links from Canada and beyond: CRTC’s decision to discontinue LPIF leaves CBC/Radio-Canada “astonished”, CBSC decides derogatory ethnic violates code, prank in newspaper announcements “mocks” LGBT community, says victim, how one man lied to be quoted in The New York Times. And today’s read: Toronto’s fourth shooting death in three nights. 


In Canadian media:

Small markets affected by CRTC’s decision to cut LPIF: CBC

The CRTC has decided to eliminate support for local television programming by cutting the Local Programming Improvement fund, a decision that has left CBC/Radio-Canada “astonished.” The broadcaster drew over $40 million each year from the LPIF to improve services in small markets.

Fake engagement ad in paper leaves men stunned 

Two Nova Scotia men are the victims of a prank, they say: an ad with a photo of the two, along with personal information and an engagement headline that ran in the announcements section of Halifax’s The Chronicle Herald. The two men are straight, not getting married and one of the men says he feels the ad mocks the LGBT community. The man, a supporter of LGBT rights, says that the newspaper should have consulted with one of the men before running the ad.

CBSC decides derogatory ethnic term violates code

 The CBSC released its decision today regarding the use of a racial term on an American program that was broadcast on a radio station in Calgary. Last February Tom Kent of The Tom Kent show said the word chinaman and the CBSC decided that that term violated the Canadian Association of Broadcaster’s Equitable Portrayal Code.



In international media:

The perfect source: man lies to numerous reporters to be quoted

Ryan Holiday is a self-proclaimed “media manipulator” who lied to journalists to get quoted in publications like MSNBC, ABC News and The New York Times. Holiday used Help a Reporter Out (HARO), a free service connecting reporters with sources and would lie his way into reporter’s stories by being the expert on a variety of topics.


Today’s read:

Toronto: three nights, four shooting deaths and the 30th homicide of the year

Toronto police are investigating the fourth shooting death in three nights, making this shooting the city’s 30th homicide of the year. After being called to the scene, police found a man in his 20s dead near a school playground from gunshot wounds.


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