Today’s media links from Canada and beyond: Former Radio-Canada reporter gets support to run for PQ, cartoonists talk to Jian Ghomeshi, one journo writes an obit for journalism and Al-Jazeera’s The Stream’s twitter gets hacked. And today’s read: Canadian unemployment rate falls to 7.2 per cent.



In Canadian media:

Former Radio-Canada broadcaster to run for PQ

After 25 years working as a reporter for Radio-Canada, Pierre Duchesne resigned last month. His most recent work at Radio-Canada was done as chief correspondent at the legislature. He will be a Parti Québécoi candidate running in Quebec’s next provincial election. Current leader Pauline Marois defends Duchesne saying he is “a man of great integrity.”

Jian Ghomeshi, cartoonists discuss the changing state of editorial cartoons

Yesterday on CBC’s Q, Jian Ghomeshi talked to longtime Montreal Gazette editorial cartoonist Aislin and Pulitzer nominated Matt Bors from The Cartoon Movement about the state of editorial cartoons and how it’s changing.

One journo’s farewell to journalism

The opinion’s editor of McMaster University’s student paper, The Silhouette, bids adieu to journalism as we know it.



In international media:

Al-Jazeera’s Twitter account #hacked

Al-Jazeera’s English-language show The Stream’s Twitter account was hacked by supporters of Syrian President Bashar Assad. The hackers tweeted links to pro-Assad material yesterday.


Today’s read:

Canadian unemployment rate falls unexpectedly in June

According to Statistics Canada, Canadian employment increased by 7,300 in June and the jobless rate fell to 7.2 per cent. Bay Street analysts predicted that it would remain at 7.3 per cent.


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