Today’s media links from Canada and beyond: Cabinet cuts affect Radio Canada International, Canadian reporters on Greek election, The Spec’s editor-in-chief on Watergate and Australia’s major newspaper chain experience cuts and paywalls. And today’s read: two sisters’ deaths devastate Quebec neighbourhood. 


In Canadian media:

CBC cuts means no access to uncensored Canadian radio internationally

CBC (via the Conservative government) has slashed 80 per cent of Radio Canada’s budget and will change the Voice of Canada international shortwave service to an Internet radio station. The RCI broadcasts will no longer be accessible from countries like China, where the site is blocked, as well many developing countries, where Internet access is not widespread and people depend solely on radio for national and international news.

Canadian reporters on the Greece elections

There are several Canadian correspondents in Greece reporting on the country’s election and providing their opinion, including The Globe and Mail’s Eric Reguly.

The Spec’s editor-in-chief shares his thoughts on Watergate

Last week marked the 40th anniversary of Watergate. The Hamiton Spectator’s editor-in-chief, Paul Berton, shares his thoughts on Watergate and wonders if Watergate could ever happen in today’s journalism.



In international media:

Australian newspaper chain sees paywalls, job cuts, tabloid-size papers

The major Australian newspaper chain, Fairfax Media, announced it will charge for digital content, close its two major printing presses and become a tabloid-size paper. 1,900 jobs will be lost as a result of these moves.


Today’s read:

Quebec sisters die mysteriously while vacationing in Thailand

Two sisters who attend Université Laval in Quebec City have died mysteriously while vacationing on Phi Phi Island in southern Thailand. Their bodies were found Thursday night by a hotel chambermaid and police suspect their deaths could have been a result of accidental poisoning.

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