Today’s media links from Canada and beyond: Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro makes surprise appearance on Power & Politics, CRFC boosts funding for local programming, Tim Knight on remember Peter Jennings and HuffPost launches in Spain. And today’s read: this year’s Pulitzer Prize winners share their stories. 


In Canadian media:

Conservative MP makes unscheduled appearance on Power & Politics, provides few answers

Dean Del Mastro, the Conservative MP who is leading the party’s defence in the robocalls scandal, found out yesterday from Postmedia reporter Stephen Maher that Elections Canada is looking into allegations that he himself violated election law. In a surprise move, he showed up to CBC’s Power & Politics, to defend himself, but provided few answers to host Evan Soloman’s questions.

Tim Knight remembers the late veteran journalist Peter Jennings

Huffington Post Canada’s media columnist Tim Knight writes about his memories of the late Peter Jennings who will be paid tribute to at tonight’s Canadian Journalism Foundation’s Excellence in Journalism awards gala.

CRFC increase funding to local programming across Canada

Thirty-five campus and community radio stations will be increasing their programming as the Community Radio Fund of Canada (CRFC) is boosting funding by a quarter-million dollars.



In international news:

Huffington Post launches in Spain

The Huffington Post has launched El Huffington Post, a partnership with  El País, one of Spain’s biggest newspapers in the country.


Today’s read:

Behind the prize: this year’s Pulitzer winners on their stories

The journalists go behind-the-scenes and talk about how their award-winning pieces came to be.

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