Today’s round-up of media links from Canada and beyond: Postmedia reporter sums up nine years in America, award for Gazette reporter, Conrad Black talks to Peter Mansbridge, and the UN’s plan for journalists safety. And today’s read: a Canadian woman’s tragic end to her dream of climbing Everest.



In Canadian Media:

Postmedia’s Washington correspondent sums up nine years in 900 words

In his last column, Sheldon Alberts, the Washington correspondent for Postmedia News sums up what it was like to write about United States for the past nine years. From earthquakes to elections, Alberts has covered some of the biggest stories in America.


The Gazette reporter wins grant for Andes mines study

Montreal Gazette reporter Catherine Solyom was awarded one of the Fédération Professionelle des Journalistes du Québec’s grants in order to research the social and environmental impact that a Canadian mine has on the Andes Mountains.


Conrad Black says prison “wasn’t that bad”

In his first interview since his May 4 release, Conrad Black chatted with CBC’s anchor Peter Mansbridge about prison, writing, and blasts Mulcair’s allegations that the Tories helped him return to Canada.




In international media:

UN action plan to aid in the safety of journalists

Director of UNESCO’s Division of Freedom of Expression and media development Guy Berger, outlined the UN Plan of Action on the Safety of Journalists and the Issue of Impunity during the 10th annual Austin Forum on Journalism in the Americas on Sunday. The plan of action offers strategies for journalist’s safety and freedom in both conflict and non-conflict zones.



Today’s read:

Canadian woman dies during her descent of Mt. Everest

Toronto’s Shriya Shah-Klorfine knew she wanted to climb Mount Everest ever since she was nine years old. After two years of training and a great amount of sacrifice, she reached the summit on Saturday. However, a few hours after beginning her descent, the 33-year-old died.


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