Jim Curran has been reporting on Toronto traffic for CBC since 1972. Today was his final broadcast.


If you’ve ever braved driving during rush hour in the Greater Toronto Area, you know you sometimes need someone to help you navigate the sea of bright red brake lights that stretch down the highway in the same manner the morning sunrise spills over the horizon.

Jim Curran has been that someone for CBC since 1972. Today was his final traffic reporting broadcast.


Inside the Glenn Gould Studio this morning, hundreds of audience members gathered to wish Curran a farewell, reports the CBC. Metro Morning host Matt Galloway along with other staff members shared their fondest memories of Curran’s 40 years on the air.

Curran said he prefers to think of this as a change of direction rather than retirement, according to CBC.

Check out the entire CBC story for Galloway’s comments and Curran’s reflection on his career.