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Journalism education podcast seeking student input

Facts and Frictions multimedia issue accepting submissions until May 22 Continue Reading Journalism education podcast seeking student input

Are you a journalism student who took classes through the pandemic? Do you have thoughts or feelings about how journalism was taught to you within the constraints of virtual and distance learning? 

If so, the editorial team at Forced Change — a special multimedia issue of Facts and Frictions/Faits et Frictions — would like to hear from you for a new podcast to be published this fall.

Each episode will feature a round table discussion with journalism instructors on a different topic: trauma-informed journalism, pandemic fatigue, oppression, technology and changing course delivery throughout the pandemic.


The Forced Change team is seeking to include the voices of students, the people on the receiving end of these evolving pedagogies.

If you want to participate, please respond to one or all of the following questions. Selected responses will be edited into short clips that will be played at the beginning of each episode. 

  1. Can you describe an example of when you think you could have benefitted from learning about being more trauma informed as a journalist?
  2. What do you need from educators when it comes to teaching new (anti-racist, anti-oppressive) approaches to journalism?
  3. What did you lose and what did you gain from learning how to use technology virtually during the pandemic? Consider your experience on team production days.

Names are required for the team’s records but will not be used in the podcast. Your school name will be used.

To participate, share a voice memo of yourself answering one of the questions using this form.

The deadline for submission has been extended until May 22 at 6 p.m. ET.