Journalism jobs: Feb. 2

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Flexible location

Investigative (emerging) journalist — Surviving Hate, Humber College Faculty of Media and Creative Arts


Videographer — CBC Nunavut

Northwest Territories

Community engagement producer — CBC North

Announcer/operator, Denesuline Yatia — CBC North

British Columbia

Video journalist — CBC Vancouver

Part-time assignment producer — CBC Vancouver

Reporter — CityNews Vancouver

Reporter/web Editor — CityNews 1130 Vancouver

Part-time network anchor — CityNews

News director — CFTK-TV

Multi-skilled associate producer — CTV News Vancouver


Host/producer — Daybreak Alberta

Web editor/reporter — CityNews Calgary

Reporter/producer — CTV Morning Live


Video journalist — CTV Yorkton

Associate producer — CTV Regina


CBC London Ontario Reporter/Editor — Afternoon Drive

Weekend assignment producer — CBC Toronto

Host — Windsor Morning

Supper hour TV producer — CBC Ottawa

Executive producer — CBC Windsor

Italian writer — OMNI News

Part-time anchor/reporter/editor — CityNews Ottawa

Reporter Mandarin — OMNI

Managing editor, digital entertainment content — Etalk, CP2

Line-up editor, producer — CTV News

Web Journalist —


Columnist-researcher — CBC Quebec

Senior managing editor — CBC Quebec

Nova Scotia

Managing editor — CBC Nova Scotia

Newfoundland and Labrador 

Managing editor — CBC Newfoundland and Labrador