Journalism jobs: March 2

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Calls for pitches

Fellowships and summer opportunities

Flexible location

Digital producer — CityNews

Executive director — Press Forward

Northwest Territories

Announcer/operator, Denesuline Yatia — CBC North

British Columbia

Associate producer, Daybreak North — CBC Prince George

Associate producer, assigned to digital — CBC Vancouver

Reporter — CityNews 1130 Vancouver

Anchor — CityNews 1130 Vancouver

Producer — CityNews TV/digital


Web editor/reporter — CityNews Calgary


Video journalist — CTV Yorkton


Senior producer — CBC

Executive producer — CBC Manitoba

Announcer/operator — CBC Manitoba

Video journalist/weekend producer — CTV Winnipeg

Video journalist — Bell Media

News writer producer — CTV Winnipeg


Business reporter-editor, assigned to morning local radio programs — CBC Syndicated Audio

Senior manager, audience building — CBC Podcasts

Executive producer, production & sound design — CBC Podcasts

Reporter/editor — CBC Thunder Bay 

Evening assignment producer — CBC Ottawa

Video editor — OMNI News

Italian writer — OMNI News

Part-rime anchor/reporter/editor — CityNews Ottawa

Digital broadcast journalist — BNN Bloomberg

Anchor reporter — BNN Bloomberg

News producer — CTV Kitchener

News writer/announcer, part time —  580 CFRA

Reporter — iPolitics

Prince Edward Island

Reporter/editor assigned as copy editor — CBC

Newfoundland and Labrador

Associate producer/technician — CBC