Chronicle Herald staff go on strike after 12:01 deadline passes.

By H.G. Watson, Associate Editor

Editorial staff at the Chronicle Herald have gone on strike.

Both management and employees had a 12:01 am deadline on Jan. 23 to take further job action.

Though there were last-ditch conciliation talks scheduled for Jan. 20 and 21, representatives for the Halifax Typographical Union said in a press release management was unwilling to discuss any changes to its proposed new contract, which includes 1,232 changes.

Management at the Chronicle Herald wants to change the language in the collective agreement, lower wages and increase hours.

There have been allegations that management has also contacted replacement workers to write content.  According to the HTU, the Herald also has a news-sharing arrangement in place with Brunswick News.

On Jan. 23, CBC Nova Scotia reported that 18 Chronicle Herald staff had also been sent layoff notices.

During the first day of the strike, Nova Scotians tweeted messages of support to the striking workers.


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