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LION researching how to best support independent news publishers in Canada 

Share your feedback by Aug. 4 Continue Reading LION researching how to best support independent news publishers in Canada 

LION, a membership organization that provides resources and training to independent news entrepreneurs, is looking for feedback on what direction it should take in its research and support of independent newsrooms in Canada. 

LION currently has about two dozen members based in Canada and is exploring whether to formally scale up its work there to better serve the needs of those members and future members. Its research will help better understand the news ecosystem in Canada before providing region specific benefits to existing and potential members.

The purpose of this survey is two-fold: to include more independent news publishers in Canada in its Project Oasis database, and to learn more about the  needs of independent news publishers. Survey participants will receive a $10 gift card. 

To learn more about LION’s research efforts, visit its website here.  

If you have any follow up questions or feedback, please email LION’s Membership Research Consultant Julie Sobowale at or LION’s Deputy Director Anika Anand at 

Whether you’re a current LION member or haven’t joined yet, please take 10 minutes to fill out this survey. The deadline for participation has been extended until Aug. 4.

Si vous parlez français et que vous vous sentez plus à l’aise pour répondre au sondage en français, veuillez utiliser cette version.