Live Blog: Did technology kill truth—or set it free?

CJF J-Talk tackles the impact technology has on the dissemination of information. Continue Reading Live Blog: Did technology kill truth—or set it free?

In an age where people have greater access to information than any time in history, are we more—or less—informed, engaged and understanding? Has technology driven us farther into our tribes and bubbles, or has it broadened and deepened our human connections? Is social media too often a purveyor of false news and misinformation, or is it a force for holding power accountable to truth?

Join speakers Denise Balkissoon, editor and columnist with The Globe and MailJonathan Kay, author, columnist and writer; Patrick Lagacé, columnist with La PresseJane Lytvynenko, journalist with BuzzFeed News; and Naheed Mustafa, producer, writer and broadcaster, to debate and discuss these fundamental questions. Anne Kornblut, director of strategic communications at Facebook and a Pulitzer Prize winner for her work as the lead editor for The Washington Post’s coverage of the Snowden revelations, will moderate.

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