The pocket bureau will be staffed by Susan Ormiston, Corrine Seminoff and Jean-Francois Bisson.


As we launch 2016 with vigour and purpose, I want to tell you about a great new resource.  This week CBC News returns to Moscow with a new pocket bureau staffed by three of our superb senior journalists: Correspondent Susan Ormiston, Producer Corinne Seminoff and Shooter-editor Jean-Francois Bisson.

Russia under Putin’s hard hand qualifies as one of the most under-reported stories of the era.  We are positioning ourselves to document the striking transformation of this fascinating society and cover Putin’s leadership at home and abroad.  Among the vital questions for Canada: how does this country and its traditional allies contain or channel Putin’s fierce projection of Russian power?

Susan, Corinne and JF will be based in Moscow, but expect to be on the road a fair bit during their three-month posting.  This is no small undertaking.  Preparations have been under way for a couple of months and our team hopes to hit the ground running by Wednesday.

The new bureau in Russia reflects our commitment to increasing the global footprint of CBC News with smart, targetted investment.  By staying nimble and responsive in the face of constantly shifting news priorities, we aim to keep our audiences connected on the widest possible range of stories.  Stay tuned for more announcements!

Jennifer McGuire
General Manager and Editor in Chief
CBC News and Centres