In a memo about a pitches for big projects, Gerry Nott tells staff that they need to show readers that great journalism matters


Hello everyone.

Two weeks ago, shortly after the difficult announcement that 90 of our valuable colleagues were leaving our newsrooms, I challenged our editors to help deliver the message that ambitious journalism still matters very much to Postmedia. They were asked to work with their reporters and senior editors to pitch big projects for us to work on together, in newsrooms across the chain – compelling stories that will make an impact, national in scope but locally relevant, journalism on a scale that only Postmedia can deliver.

I set a deadline of next Monday for the pitches. I’m writing to you to encourage you to get involved with your editors on this project. I hope to be swamped with ideas. Once received, we’ll identify some projects to tackle and determine how we’ll use our vast resources to tell them. Your efforts through this difficult stretch are very much appreciated, and I thank you. We now need to show our readers that great journalism matters, and that we will continue to deliver it.



Senior Vice President, Content; and Senior Vice President, National Post


H.G. Watson was J-Source's managing editor from 2015 to 2018. She is a journalist based in Toronto. You can learn more about her at