This memo from National Post editor Anne Marie Owens was obtained by J-Source.

This memo from National Post editor Anne Marie Owens was obtained by J-Source.

I am happy to announce that Peter Kuitenbrouwer will be moving to the FP to become a feature writer. Peter actually came to the Post through the FP, back in 1997 and has had stints at the FP magazine. He has been Toronto columnist since 2000, a diverse journey best measured by its mayors: from Mel Lastman to David Miller to Rob Ford.  In his 14 years as columnist, Peter has turned his keen eye and his engaging voice to politics, strikes, murders, and, of course, lunch counters. His natural storytelling style, his passion for finding the stories no one else is telling and his fearlessness will be a huge asset for the FP as Peter turns his attention to the wide world of business writing.

I am also pleased to announce a bunch of staffing moves that stem from the decision to move Mick and John to focus on helping develop the tablet.

Ron Wadden becomes homepage editor. It is only fitting that Ron would want to add a new facet of journalistic skills to his overflowing toolbox, after working in just about every department at the Post and being adept at everything from sports agate to design to editing. Ron has done a great job as Toronto editor and after surviving the rollercoaster Ford years, is well-prepared for the hectic pace of the homepage.

Joe Hood becomes world editor. Joe has been a great asset as front page editor – unflappable, with excellent news judgment and a killer instinct on display. He will bring all those skills with him to the world role.

Rob Roberts, a stalwart of the desk, becomes Senior Producer, News, bringing his excellent story sense and penetrating eye for what distinguishes Post coverage to a broader file. Jo-Anne MacDonald will help him handle that larger file, becoming News Editor. Jo-Anne’s doggedness in chasing down the details of a story will only be better for the Post applied to a bigger scope.

Joe Rayment will step back into his original role of Senior Producer, Traffic and Trends. He will continue creating detailed reports and analysis of National Post and Financial Post stats, setting targets for success and figuring out areas of improvement. He will also work with individual sections on improving our digital strategy to continue our online growth and become more efficient with resources.

The editing team will work closely with the newly configured universal production desk, which is in its embryonic stage right now with NP and FP, but which promises to revolutionalize the way we handle the print part of our operation.