Memo comes from Sandy MacLeod, Chief Operating Officer, Print – Star Media Group.

The following memo was sent to Star Media Group employees from Sandy MacLeod, Chief Operating Officer, Print – Star Media Group

Metro continues to model our business to better balance the realities of National and Regional advertising revenues. We continue to invest resources to grow local sales, but the National advertising levels have been falling faster than we have been able to increase our local and Regional sales. As a result, we have been reviewing the cost base across the organization.

Newsprint is one of our largest expenses and slightly reducing the size of the newspaper will offer us significant savings. Effective Aug. 1, 2017, we will be trimming the depth of the Metro publications in all Metro English Canada markets. The new depth of 11.5 inches is just 1 inch shorter than our current format, but it will allow us to maximize newsprint savings. This is not the first time we have made this type of change. The last depth reduction for Metro was in 2012, when the size was reduced by 1 inch.

During our review process, we asked various stakeholders for their input on various possible sizes available to us. We printed samples of each size and subsequently decided to move forward with the 1-inch reduction in length. Everyone involved in the review process is confident the new 11.5-inch depth will have minimal impact on readers and advertisers, and maximum impact on cost savings.

For implementation, the working team will include people from all departments, and will determine editorial templates and advertising specifications.

Our ultimate goal is to produce a product worthy of the Metro brand.