Seeley was a producer at CBC’s London bureau for three years.

The following memo was sent to CBC staff on May 31, 2016 from Brodie Fenlon, senior director of digital news, and Steve Ladurantaye, managing editor of digital news.

We are pleased to announce that Tracy Seeley has been appointed an Executive Producer of 

Tracy joins the digital News leadership team of Lianne Elliott and Spencer Walsh. She replaces Tim Richards, who is about to begin a one-year leave and will take on a new role upon his return in 2017.

Tracy spent the last three years as a producer in our London bureau. She brings to us rich program and field experience in both radio and TV, not to mention firsthand experience coordinating and producing digital treatments of some of our biggest international stories.

As Executive Producer on the national Daily Desk, Tracy will join Lianne in oversight of our daily news coverage, the senior producers, staff and schedules, special projects and coordination with assignment, the content units and the regions. She will also play an important role in the continued integration of our digital and broadcast teams as we push forward with CBC’s mobile-first mandate.

You’ll find a note of introduction from Tracy below. Please join us in a warm welcome to the team. Tracy starts August 8.

Brodie Fenlon & Steve Ladurantaye


From Tracy:

When I first arrived in London three years ago, we were excited about sending HD video from a moving vehicle. Then we were shooting lives with mobile phones, everywhere from Erbil to Donetsk. It was such a novelty, sometimes other crews would shoot us doing it.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago in North Korea. Everyone was filing video and stills with their mobile phones.  You couldn’t distinguish the newspaper reporters from the broadcast ones. The walls have indeed come down.

I’m a fan of walls coming down.

In 20 years at CBC News, I have spent half that time in the field, first as a local radio reporter in Quebec City, and then as a network reporter and producer in Toronto. The rest of the time I worked for programs, first in radio news and then as a senior producer at the National.

I’m thrilled to be joining the CBC Digital team. It doesn’t mean I’m leaving broadcast behind. We can’t think like that anymore. Our teams in the field don’t.  And our competitors don’t either.

I have seen how difficult multi-platform integration can be. But its benefits are bigger. My thanks to the incredible team I’m leaving in London who convinced me of that.

CBC journalists are constantly proving they are world leaders in this industry, whatever the medium. I look forward to building on that with the CBC Digital team.