Metcalfe has also been named Director of Content for Brunswick News.

The following memo was sent to Toronto Star staff on Sep. 15 from Michael Cooke, Editor.

Good news for New Brunswick but

…bad news for us.

Wendy Metcalfe has been recruited to become Editor-in-Chief of three of New Brunswick’s daily newspapers, including the Saint John Telegraph-Journal. She will also be Director of Content for Brunswick News, which has about 30 unique publications around the province.

Wendy joined the Star in July 2015 after being Editor-in-Chief of the Toronto Sun. She’s been an outstanding National Editor, and was promoted to Assistant Managing Editor/City Editor earlier this year.

We will surely miss Wendy’s energy and journalism as our newsroom is reshaped by the layoffs and voluntary exits and our journey deeper into digital. Good luck, Wendy.