In the wake of Postmedia cuts, the Montreal Gazette is changing its newspaper into more of a newsmagazine, focusing on more analysis rather than breaking news.

Montreal Gazette publisher Alan Allnut explained in a note to readers today of the changes coming forth at the paper: the compression into two sections instead of its usual three and a stronger focus on analysis rather than breaking news. This comes amidst the cuts to Postmedia and its three-year plan to reduce expenses by $120 million. The Globe and Mail reports that more changes to the news service are likely coming in the next few weeks as chief executive officer Paul Godfrey told The Globe “We are at the point where everything is on the table … it could run the whole gamut. You can just let your imagination go.”

Allnut said in his note that just as many of the paper’s readers use its website to access news throughout the day, so the paper will become more of a daily newsmagazine. Section A will contain daily coverage in all topic areas like city, provincial politics, sports, lifestyle and arts. Section B will hold the deeper coverage of those stories that will change each day. The Saturday paper will continue to publish as is and the Gazette ceased publishing on Sundays in August of 2010. He adds that changes to the website will increase breaking news coverage and make the site more user friendly as well as the launch of a new website to increase coverage of surrounding communities.

Allnut ends the note by saying the paper still values the print product.

“We believe print is a medium for authoritative, insightful stories, and that is what we will continue to publish.”


A look at the cover of The Gazette’s paper-turned-newsmagazine:




For more information on Postmedia’s cuts and the affect on the Gazette check out Steve Ladurantaye’s Globe and Mail story.



Angelina King is a freelance journalist who works as a reporter for CTV News Channel in Toronto. She previously reported for CTV in her hometown of Saskatoon and is a graduate of Ryerson University's journalism program. Angelina has a special interest in court and justice reporting, but is always grateful to share a human interest story. You can reach her at: @angelinakCTV.