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Press Forward is hiring an executive director

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Press Forward, an association of independent media organizations dedicated to ensuring Canadians have strong, independent, inclusive and community-focused journalism, is seeking a dynamic individual to lead its team in the role of executive director.   

To begin, this position will be part-time, but can expand to a full-time role within a period of six months pending successful fundraising and identifying a good long-term candidate.

This role is ideally suited for an individual who is familiar with the needs of independent publishers. The ideal candidate will be comfortable undertaking a wide range of tasks including: strategic planning, overseeing day-to-day operations, communications work, fundraising and government relations. 

As work will be remote, candidates from all parts of the country are invited to apply. Fluency in both English and French would be an asset but is not required. 

Given Press Forward’s commitment to strengthen innovation, inclusivity and diversity in Canadian media, we strongly encourage applications from individuals of diverse backgrounds, abilities and perspectives. 

Pay range: $35,000-40,000 for 21 hours per week. 

Role description 

The executive director of Press Forward will be responsible for implementing, in consultation with the board of directors, the organization’s strategic direction and administrative operations.  

Reporting to the chair of the organization’s board of directors, and working closely alongside the organization’s chair and vice chair, the executive director serves as the organization’s “chief operating officer,” with overall responsibility for ensuring that the program runs smoothly and efficiently each year.

The executive director is required to maintain confidentiality on all aspects of the organization’s operation, and to make all reasonable efforts to maintain goodwill among all members; stakeholders, including fellow media associations, government actors; and donors. 

Duties, responsibilities and accountabilities include but are not limited to:

  • Develop a strategic plan for the organization, in consultation with the board of directors
  • Supervising and managing all aspects of the organization’s activities. One area of particular interest is growing the association’s membership, in accordance with the membership requirement, and growing the infrastructure of Press Forward and its capacity to serve and support its members 
  • Ensuring that the interests of Press Forward’s members are communicated to appropriate federal or provincial government departments
  • Ensuring that the interests of Press Forward’s members are communicated to appropriate industry stakeholders, including other news associations and technology companies
  • Representing Press Forward at meetings with partners and stakeholders and in public communications
  • Meet fundraising targets in accordance with the organization’s annual budget
  • Organize monthly member-only events
  • Ensure Press Forward’s public communications are active (eg. regular website updates, social media content, member newsletters)
  • Prepare the association’s annual budget for approval by the board of directors and reporting to the board on financial matters at scheduled meetings, and otherwise, as required
  • Working with the Chair to ensure that all member-organizations are informed about the association’s activities and encouraged to contribute/participate in these activities by serving as a focal point of contact. 
  • Identify opportunities for “collaborative journalism” by facilitating learning experiences between member-organizations and reducing the barriers to entry for new entrepreneurs and start-ups
  • Any additional tasks as deemed necessary 

Individuals interested in being considered for this position should apply before March 21 to:

Mike De Souza, Chair, Press Forward