"S'up Easy-E!" — Real-life Kathryn Marshall to real-life Ezra Levant on Twitter.

I agree with the folks at The Tyee and Bethany Horne at OpenFile Halifax: Friday afternoons and YouTube videos just seem to go together.

Today’s is a satirical puppet rap video courtesy of The Tyee starring puppet versions of Sun News’ Ezra Levant and Ethical Oil’s Kathryn Marshall (of Power & Politics trainwreck interview infamy).

The video was created by Caitlin Dodd (who made the Kathryn puppet), David Henderson-Hean (who shot the video), Kai Nagata (who made the Ezra puppet), Spencer Powell (who did animation) and Emile Scott (who wrote the song).

The Tyee has also posted an annotated version of the lyrics, linking to source material for things the puppet rap references.

Both Levant and Marshall took to Twitter with reaction to the video. Marshall embraced her "K-Mart" side, while Levant questioned where the money behind the video came from. (Nagata says they created the video for free, but are accepting PayPal donations to cover costs.)