Science journalism is in decline; science blogging is growing. The Science journal Nature looks at the issue — with a focus on the implications for science.

"Science journalism is in decline; science blogging is growing fast. But can the one replace the other?" asks Geoff Brumfiel in the science journal Nature. It's a long, informative and thoughtful look at the impact on science of declining traditional journalism. The piece includes interviews with top science journalists, and presents research on the degree to which full-time science journalism jobs have been lost.

An accompanying Nature editorial is titled, "As science journalism declines, scientists must rise up and reach out."

Alas, the pieces do not actively encourage scientists to support traditional journalism, but instead focus on advising scientists on how to present their messages.  Perhaps the cause of journalism needs the kind of public advocacy that environmental science gets from groups like the Union of Concerned Scientists. But journalists, especially considering that communication is our stock in trade, are lousy at speaking out on our behalf.