Support J-Source on Giving Tuesday 2021

Your donations on Nov. 30 will help fund freelance submissions for 2022 and new paid internships for Carleton journalism students to join the Canada Press Freedom Project Continue Reading Support J-Source on Giving Tuesday 2021

Giving Tuesday is coming up on Nov. 30 and J-Source needs your support to continue to expand our reach and breadth of coverage of journalism and media issues in Canada.

Despite the shared challenges of 2020 and 2021, it has also been a year of significant achievements and new projects at J-Source. 

Going in to 2022, your support will help sustain J-Source in two important ways.

  • Donations to J-Source on FutureFunder help fund freelance submissions — from everyone from established journalists to students and researchers —  on media in Canada. With your support, we have been able to increase our rates  and we want to keep them there!  

Whether you can help us with $5 or $500, Carleton will issue a tax receipt for everything you donate and match contributions received on a first-come, first-served basis starting at 12:00:01 a.m. ET on Tuesday, Nov. 30 up to a dollar limit to be set up by the university.  Making your donations early in the day can double the benefit to J-Source.

All the money you contribute through the Giving Tuesday FutureFunder campaign goes directly to J-Source. There are no administrative or overhead charges applied by Carleton that might reduce the value of your donation. 

Here’s what we have accomplished in 2021:

  • The CPFP, which will go live early in 2022, will be the only national, ongoing source  of  data on press freedom violations across Canada. From denials of access to arrests, assaults, equipment damage and online abuse, the CPFP will offer an annual database of these threats to press freedom, as well as analysis and educational tools to help media workers, researchers, students and more understand and contend with them. CPFP data and resources will be available online and freely accessible for journalists, researchers, academics and the public.
  • J-Source will be the home of Facts and Frictions, a new free, open-access academic journal about journalism supported by J-Schools Canada/Écoles-J Canada. The first issue will be live by the end of November.
  • J-Source’s new editorial committee – a network of academics supporting analysis, research and coverage or everything from from innovation and race to technology and labour — will be unveiled in early 2022. 

Your support will help J-Source thrive and grow in 2022!

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Thanks for reading J-Source. We hope you will take advantage of Giving Tuesday to support us for the coming year.

Chris Waddell