Support J-Source on Giving Tuesday 2022

Your donations on Nov. 29 will help fund freelance submissions for 2023 and new paid internships for Carleton journalism students to join the Canada Press Freedom Project Continue Reading Support J-Source on Giving Tuesday 2022

Nov. 29 is Giving Tuesday and again this year, J-Source needs your support to continue to expand the reach and breadth of our coverage of journalism and media issues in Canada.

By donating through Carleton’s FutureFunder, here’s how you can help J-Source with your contributions:

·      Donations to J-Source fund submissions from students, recent graduates and freelance journalists to J-Source and the Canada Press Freedom Project.

 ·      Donations to the Canada Press Freedom Project provide the funds for internships at CFPF for Carleton journalism students to help support press freedom research in Canada.

On Nov. 29, you can make a single donation or set monthly contributions deducted from your credit card. Whether you can help us with $5 or $500, Carleton will issue a tax receipt for everything you donate. All the money you contribute through the Giving Tuesday FutureFunder campaigns goes directly to J-Source. There are no administrative or overhead charges applied by Carleton that might reduce the value of your donation.

The university will match contributions received on a first-come, first-served basis starting at just after midnight on the morning of Tuesday, Nov. 29 up to a dollar limit set by Carleton for all the university’s FutureFunder projects.

That means making your donations as soon after midnight as possible can double the benefit to us.

Here’s some of what J-Source has worked on in 2022: 

·     J-Source continues to examine journalism in Canada and the issues it faces with a constructive and critical eye. This summer, we co-published with our partners at the Local News Research Project the latest report of the COVID-19 Media Impact Map for CanadaThe COVID years: Risk, reward and rethinking priorities. We provide publishing opportunities for a diverse range of young journalists, recent graduates from journalism programs, current students, educators and freelancers.

·      Our Canada Press Freedom Project, launching in 2022, is Canada’s only source of  ongoing data, analysis and educational tools on press freedom incursions and violations across the country – everything from denials of access to public spaces, to equipment seizure and arrests to online threats, harassment and intimidation. Our data is available free for researchers, academics and the public.  Our growing library of educational tools on press freedom issues in Canada is there to support students, freelancers and small media outlets in navigating and understanding  press freedom conditions across the country.

·      Facts and Frictions, the academic journal about journalism supported by J-Schools Canada/Écoles-J Canada, is now into its second year of publication through J-Source. All volumes are available freely online and as downloadable PDFs. 

·      Projet J is into its second year, led by Patrick White and journalism professors at the Université du Québec à Montréal. In addition to its ongoing coverage, Projet J now features a regular podcast series exploring contemporary issues in Canada’s French-language media.

Your contributions will help us continue all this work in 2023!

Thank you for reading J-Source. We hope you will take advantage of Giving Tuesday to support us for the coming year.

Chris Waddell