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    How journalist Angela Sterritt cares for her spirit while exposing ugly truths

    How she cares for her spirit as she brings stories of hardship and healing to light
  • Voices for Change: Media’s Moment to Shine

    The death of George Floyd ignited a reckoning across every facet of our society. In media, conversations about anti-Black racism have given weight and prominence to stagnant discussions about newsroom culture and composition—and the biases found in coverage of Black, Indigenous and people of colour. Is this the year meaningful change will finally happen?
  • Covering COVID: Pandemic reporting in Indigenous contexts

    Journalists bear the responsibility of disseminating clear, fair and undistorted information. In the face of a global health pandemic, more than ever, we look toward the media as a source of accurate and up-to-date data and information that will keep…
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    Meet the Press: Angela Sterritt

    By Nadine Tousignant for CNW Angela Sterritt is an award-winning Gitxsan journalist, artist and writer, from British Columbia. Sterritt has worked as a journalist for close to twenty years and has been with CBC since 2003. Her reports have appeared…