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  • Big Voices

    At a time when a range of voices and perspectives are available across multiple platforms, and a choice word or angle can be a landmine—setting off a barrage of online hate—what does it take to be a columnist and how has the role evolved in a fraught social media environment where attacks inordinately target women and racialized journalists?
  • Beyond “Police Say”: Exploring the Media’s Reliance on Official Accounts

    The death of George Floyd focused the world’s attention on police brutality—and the problematic practice of relying on official accounts of events. But reporters have also long maintained police sources who provide information for their crime coverage. How has Floyd’s death changed reporting on police and their activities?
  • 9/11: 20 Years On: Lessons Learned in Global Journalism

    The 9/11 attacks compelled news organizations and journalists to rethink their coverage, from creating a security beat, to ethical questions of sending or using freelancers in danger zones, to how to cover those who were accused—just a few issues among many.
  • CJF Tribute Talk

    This special presentation features CJF Tribute recipients André Picard, health reporter and columnist with The Globe and Mail, and Dr. Sanjay Gupta, chief medical correspondent for CNN, in back-to-back conversations with last year’s recipient Anna Maria Tremonti.
  • Voices for Change: Media’s Moment to Shine

    The death of George Floyd ignited a reckoning across every facet of our society. In media, conversations about anti-Black racism have given weight and prominence to stagnant discussions about newsroom culture and composition—and the biases found in coverage of Black, Indigenous and people of colour. Is this the year meaningful change will finally happen?
  • Covering COVID-19: Award-winning health journalist André Picard on the pandemic

    When Globe and Mail columnist André Picard speaks, Canadians pay attention. He is our country’s pre-eminent health journalist, named Canada’s first “Public Health Hero” in 2011 by the Canadian Public Health Association.
  • J-Talks Live – Recognizing Disinformation Amidst COVID-19

    In the first of our new J-Talks Live webcast series hosted by award-winning broadcaster Anna Maria Tremonti, host of the CBC podcast More, Jane Lytvynenko, senior reporter with BuzzFeed News, explores disinformation around the coronavirus outbreak, including the online…
  • The Podcast Promise

    A J-Talk exploring podcasting, a bright spot for the news industry. Podcasting has become a rare bright spot for the news industry. According to a recent report from the Reuters Institute at Oxford University, the number of news podcasts globally…
  • The Power of Conversation with Anna Maria Tremonti

    Join host Garvia Bailey in conversation with one of Canada’s most respected journalists as she launches her new CBC Podcast, ‘More with Anna Maria Tremonti’. Hear Tremonti as never before, as she discusses her move into the world of podcasting.…
  • Live blog: Building trust in media

    In an age of misinformation, disinformation, AI and media manipulation, how can news organizations and platforms like Google build trust with audiences?