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  • National Press Club Journalism Institute featuring an illustration of The White House.

    What would antiracist journalism look like?

    When do ‘objectivity’ and ‘neutrality’ mask inequity? How do journalists move from covering protests to systemically telling stories that root out racist treatment in health care, education and other social spheres? And how can journalists practice antiracism in their everyday work?
  • Improving coverage of communities of color

    Coverage still fails to depict a realistic picture of how people of color live their lives, with much of it focused on crime and an array of social and economic ills that afflict their communities. For decades, journalists of color have raised these issues and suggested ways to address them. Some newsroom managers finally appear to be listening.
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    Toronto Star Public Editor: When does The Star report race of suspects wanted by police?

    By Kathy English for the Toronto Star A reader’s good question about the Toronto Star’s reporting of the race of suspects wanted by police raised relevant points demanding further inquiry. “I am curious about the application of the Toronto Star’s…