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  • How op-eds can amplify original voices & engage new communities

    There is no shortage of opinions online, so how do news organizations choose the voices they feature on their platforms?
  • Media Trust Webinar Series for College Students: How sources can build or harm credibility

    Selecting the right source for a story can lend it credibility, while choosing the wrong one, or none at all, can reinforce the distrust many news consumers have for the press. This session will offer guidance on picking the best sources, such as those who are independent and verify information with evidence.
  • Google Tools for Freelancers

    In this session, veteran trainer and freelance journalist Benet Wilson shares tips on using Scholar, Alerts, Trends, Advanced Image Search and Translate to improve your freelance skills.
  • Media Trust Webinar Series for College Students: Perceptions of bias and opinion

    This session explores the perception of bias and offers steps journalists should take to draw the line between news and opinion.
  • Improving coverage of communities of color

    Coverage still fails to depict a realistic picture of how people of color live their lives, with much of it focused on crime and an array of social and economic ills that afflict their communities. For decades, journalists of color have raised these issues and suggested ways to address them. Some newsroom managers finally appear to be listening.
  • Freelance Breaking News: Promises and Pitfalls

    Before the novel coronavirus hit, most national media outlets only hired local journalists to cover breaking news until their staff crews could rush to a scene. Now, in the age of the COVID-19 pandemic, many news directors are turning to local independent journalists for coverage, trusting freelance reporters and photographers to supply continuing on-the-spot news.
  • #ICTalks: A Conversation With The World Affairs Council

    We will discuss how this organization with roots going back 100 years connects foreign and local affairs in more than 90 cities around the United States makes foreign affairs less foreign. They will discuss how they bring international issues to local audiences without ever leaving their hometowns.
  • Media Trust Webinar Series for College Students: Public perception of the press

    Since the 1970s, there has been a steady decline in how favourably the public views the press, a drop from about 72% of Americans who said they trust it a great deal or fair amount in 1977 to 41% last year, according to Knight-Gallup polling. We will explore the reasons for this, why it's concerning.
  • When the Press Badge Doesn’t Protect You

    There have been over 470 incidents involving press during recent protests. This online program will offer firsthand accounts of such attacks as well as commentary on the incidents during the protests.
  • #ICTalks: A Conversation With Gavin Phipps

    Join International Community Radio Taipei morning news anchor Gavin Phipps as we discuss how Taiwan has moved from a dictatorship to a democracy with freedom of press, speech and assembly.