The Edmonton Journal was founded on Nov. 11, 1903, by three local businessmen as a rival to the 23-year-old Edmonton Bulletin, Alberta’s first newspaper.

By Aeman Ansari, Reporter

The Edmonton Journal was founded on Nov. 11, 1903, by three local businessmen—John Macpherson, Arthur Moore and J.W. Cunningham—as a rival to the 23-year-old Edmonton Bulletin, Alberta‘s first newspaper. The three newsmen produced the first edition of The Edmonton Journal at the back of the Shamrock Fruit Store with the mission to provide reliable and relevant news to city. After taking issue with Alberta Premier William Aberhart‘s attempt to pass the Accurate News and Information Act in 1937,  the Journal became the first non-American newspaper to be honoured by the Pulitzer Prize committee. The paper also received a plaque in 1938 for defending the freedom of the press.

With research from the Edmonton Journal Digital Archives.