News about the news for the week of June 15.

Welcome to Tuesday Tabs, a roundup of headlines at home, down south and elsewhere.


In light of former Power and Politics host Evan Solomon’s firing over a conflict-of-interest scandal, The Rebel’s Emily Pratt conducts a streeter on what the public thinks of the host of recent scandals Canadian media personalities have been involved in. The answers are interesting.

Speaking of Solomon, more than a few columns weighing in on the former CBC host’s firing have come our in the past week:

When Edmonton police officer Const. Daniel Woodall was killed last week while trying to serve an arrest warrant, the Edmonton Journal newsroom went into all-hands-on-deck mode. This week, the Journal put together a Storify that takes readers into the live coverage decisions reporters and editors made while covering the shooting.

Nearly three years after her Georgia Straight investigation of John Furlong was published, journalist Laura Robinson’s defamation case against Furlong goes to trial this week.


Two of the United States’ largest public broadcasters, NPR and PBS, have announced theyll be partnering to cover the 2016 U.S. election.

South Carolina’s new state law requiring police officers to wear body cameras while on duty may seem like a step forward in law enforcement transparency, writes Al Jazeera America’s Paul Bowers, until you realize that the recordings arent open to the publicor journalists.

Bloomberg-backed news startup The Trace aims to focus on covering gun violence in the U.S. Its editorial director told the Huffington Post that “we believe that the rate of gun violence is too high and we believe that there is not enough information about the issue as a whole.” The NRA, unsurprisingly, has called it a “propaganda outfit.”



“Television news coverage of women’s sports has dropped considerably in the past 25 years.” What this means for covering the Women’s World Cup.

After leaving The Guardian earlier this year for being overlooked for editor-in-chief at the Guardian, former senior editor Janine Gibson has been announced as the head of BuzzFeed UK.

In an interesting critique on health policy coverage, Vox’ German Lopez asks: why doesnt the media cover alcohol the way it does other drugs?

Illustration photo by Denise Chan, via Flickr.