NewsWatch Canada has released its list of Canada’s top 25 under-reported stories for 2010-2011. The list, compiled by a group of 13 SFU graduate students in a media monitoring class, includes toxic BPA exposure, the effects of fracking and the state of First Nations reserves. NewsWatch began as a Canadian version of the U.S.-based Project Censored. In a similar vein, Canadian students and profs also take part in the Global Media Monitoring Project, which tracks the status of women in the news.

J-Source spoke to the researchers to get their take on why these stories aren't being covered properly.


This week’s Big Issue challenge: take a look at the NewsWatch list and get some story ideas moving forward. And feel free to add to the 25 in our comments section (which you can access by clicking the title of this post).

Patricia W. Elliott is a magazine journalist and assistant professor at the School of Journalism, University of Regina. You can visit her at