Skelton won the Data Journalism Award for best individual portfolio.

By Tamara Baluja, Associate Editor

Vancouver Sun’s Chad Skelton won the Data Journalism Award for the best individual portfolio.

The award was presented at the Global Editors Network summit in Barcelona.

Skelton’s award-winning submission included interactive pieces on commuting patterns in Metro metro Vancouver, bike thefts in Vancouver, auto crime in B.C., as well as a calculator using income data from Canada’s National Household Survey and a graphic on lobbying in B.C.

“Chad's range and quality of work—from bicycle thefts to lobbying activities to income data—shows how much can be accomplished by journalists working on their own, from accessing and analyzing data to writing stories to building interactive visualizations,” the jury said

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Tamara Baluja is an award-winning journalist with CBC Vancouver and the 2018 Michener-Deacon fellow for journalism education. She was the associate editor for J-Source from 2013-2014.