Welcome to the new J-Source.ca

Here’s why we decided to refresh our website after 10 years. Continue Reading Welcome to the new J-Source.ca

Welcome to the new look of J-Source!

It’s our 10th anniversary and to celebrate we have completely changed the look of J-Source. We are introducing some  new features and have brought our French-language sister publication ProjetJ into J-Source. From now on, you will see content in both English and French on the same site.

We are also expanding the range of work financed by you, our readers, through the monthly Patreon donation program. We have published stories from all across the country thanks to your support. We will keep doing that as well as focusing more on promoting diversity — telling media stories from  greater range of Canada’s many linguistic and cultural communities and giving opportunities to young journalists and student journalists to reach larger audiences.

So what’s different? We spent the summer redesigning the site, making it more streamlined and easier for our readers to find the information they need and want.

That starts with news — that’s why a lot of our readers are so devoted to J-Source and ProjetJ. We have made news more prominent, easier to identify and locate on the site.

All the content on J-Source will be featured under fewer major themes:  News, Work, Learn, Opportunities and our expanding Jobs Board. There will be dedicated, easy-to-find space for ProjetJ and there is also a separate space for the Live Event Coverage that many of our readers enjoy.

A new structure for the site doesn’t mean that past content is lost. We have spent time re-labelling content from the past two years under the new categories, so you can find previously-published stories under those new headings.

In other words, we are not deleting various J-topics and features, but rather re-arranging how the readers find articles into a more streamlined experience. We will also tag author names, so that readers can be linked to articles by the same author.

We have also introduced a searchable archive of past stories and projects, as an additional tool for finding stories from throughout our 10 year history. Old stories will still show up in a general search, but we will add the ability to search by date and year on an archives page. Legacy projects and sections that are no longer active will find a new, more search-accessible, home in the archives.

J-Source has grown considerably since it was first launched. With thousands of articles scattered across the site, many connected to J-Topics and menu items that no longer have active contributors, and new topics coming on stream, some archiving and reordering will go a long way to reducing clutter and confusion for site visitors.   

Finally we have also updated our masthead, with our impressive range of contributing editors  to kept pace with the site’s evolution into a daily news source for journalists and those interested in communications and the media across the country.

Our redesign would not have been possible without the support of Lindsay Hanna and the IT department at Ryerson University.  We are indebted to them for their advice, hard work and support in hosting J-Source. Thanks go as well to a team of J-Source contributors and staff, who planned the project and spent time sorting and re-categorizing stories over the summer.

We hope you enjoy the new J-Source, More important, we hope you will join those who help us by contributing a small amount monthly through our Patreon fundraising campaign.

We would love to hear your impressions of the new site and any suggestions you may have for elements you would like us to add. As we settle into our new home, we would also appreciate being notified of any bugs or problems you may have in locating articles.

Thanks for your ongoing involvement in making J-Source the best it can be.


Professor, School of Journalism and Communication, Carleton University, Publisher J-Source