Cuts follow a round of layoffs in other global offices.

By Chantal Braganza, Associate Editor

Yahoo Canada has laid off a number of staff from its editorial team in both its Toronto and Montreal offices.

The company itself would not comment on the cuts. “Our practice is to not comment on internal matters,” wrote a Yahoo spokesperson in an email. “We constantly make changes to better align our resources and investments with our strategic priorities.” 

Business weekly Les Affaires has reported that the layoffs at Yahoo Canada’s Montreal office included five full-time positions. Yahoo Canada declined to confirm these numbers, but did state that the Yahoo Quebec website will continue to remain online and operational. 

On Twitter a number of editors and writers posted updates about colleagues or themselves being let go from the company. 

Ian Denomme, a sports writer and editor currently at Yahoo Canada, told J-Source that 10 positions were eliminated from the company’s Toronto and Quebec offices. “We’re down to an editorial staff of 18 now,” he wrote in an email.

Last October, Yahoo cut 400 positions from its global staff, mostly from product teams in India. In recent years, the company has also closed a number of global offices in a bid to cut costs, including Cairo, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Image by Satyendra Kumar, via Flickr.