2014-04-17 14:25

The Ryerson Journalism Alumni Association presents "Freelance: How to do it right." This event features a panel of established freelance journalists that will discuss the ins and outs of freelancing. The comprehensive discussion will cover everything from how to make the perfect pitch to managing your finances as an independent journalist. Panelists include: John Lorinc (senior editor at Spacing Magazine, freelancer and author), Derek Finkle (founder of the Canadian Writers Group), Lauren McKeon (editor at This Magazine), and moderated by David Topping (freelancer for The Grid, The Globe and Mail and the National Post).

2014-04-17 13:41

Journalists are debating whether using dashes to replace letters in swear words is respectful to readers or if there is a place for profanity in print. Readers know what it means, but do you need to spell it out? 

2014-04-17 12:36

Global News said it will offer staff buyouts following the announcement that Shaw Communications, its parent company, is laying off 400 employees.

2014-04-17 11:50

Despite delays in getting an adequate response, the Regina magazine is making use of what documents it has obtained.  

2014-04-17 11:00

CTV News Kitchener is expanding its Sunday evening newscast to a full hour following the cancellation of Provincewide after 29 years. 

2014-04-17 10:29

The $40-million tablet app, which the industry was baffled to see La Presse make available for free, now accounts for nearly 30 per cent of total ad revenue at the newspaper.