2014-07-28 16:52

Stinson, who currently covers news, arts and sports as a columnist for the National Post, will begin his new position on Aug. 18. 


2014-07-28 14:37

Chief Justice Joseph Kennedy of the Nova Scotia Supreme Court allowed reporters use Twitter during a sexual assault trial and says he “couldn’t get over how well it had worked.”

2014-07-28 13:22

Susan Fennell, who has been mayor of Brampton since 2000 and is now facing a tough race in her bid for re-election, undoubtedly has strong interest in publicly challenging the Toronto Star’s reporting and accusing the reporter who has doggedly held her to account of “bias,” writes public editor Kathy English.

2014-07-28 12:55

Protecting the privacy and identities of confidential sources online is a bigger concern than ever. Here’s a look at what some reporters are doing to keep their digital communications safe.

2014-07-28 12:21

From grieving family members to facts that cannot be easily checked and suppressing scandalous news, writing obituaries can be a challenge.

2014-07-25 13:35

The CBC, Toronto Star and documentary producer White Pine Pictures are taking the federal government to court to ask that Omar Khadr be allowed to be interviewed by the media.