2014-07-25 13:35

The CBC, Toronto Star and documentary producer White Pine Pictures are taking the federal government to court to ask that Omar Khadr be allowed to be interviewed by the media. 

2014-07-25 13:08

Global Calgary anchor and reporter Cara Fullerton is leaving the broadcast industry after 14 years to pursue a career in health and fitness. 

2014-07-25 10:13

A complainant thought CBC News Thunder Bay was irresponsible in its coverage of community reaction to a controversial Ontario election newspaper ad placed by a local Libertarian Party candidate. He also questioned the use of a child’s response.

2014-07-24 17:24

Toronto Star’s foreign affairs reporter Rick Westhead is leaving the newspaper to join TSN as the network’s senior correspondent. 

2014-07-24 14:21

Ann Silversides wouldn’t have been able to fly north and dig deeply into Nunavut’s nursing crisis were it not for a grant funding her work. 

2014-07-24 14:12

McCann replaces Nicole Blanchett Neheli, who is J-Source’s new executive video editor.