The Canadian Journalism Project’s website,, is produced with content in both English and French by a collaboration of post-secondary journalism schools and programs led by Toronto Metropolitan University and Carleton University. It is supported by J-Schools Canada/Écoles-J Canada, the organization that represents post-secondary journalism programs in Canada, as well as by a group of benefactors who believe in excellence in journalism and its strong and vital future.

Our goal is to promote national discussion about journalism and journalism education as well as to provide a source for news, research, commentary, advice and resources for industry professionals, academics, journalism and media students. Your comments, suggestions and offers of support are welcomed.

Our history:

J-Source was launched in the spring of 2007 by a collective of Canadian journalism schools and organizations led by the Canadian Journalism Foundation (chair: Thomas Kierans; executive director: Jody Jacobson), which was the project’s principal funder and administrator until December 2013. Initial development was made possible by grants from the Edward S. Rogers Sr. Graduate School for Advanced Communications at Ryerson University, the Canadian Media Research Consortium and the Ryerson Research Assistants Fund. Initial technical and administrative support by Joe Castaldo (School of Journalism, Ryerson University) and Ryerson’s Digital Media Projects team under the leadership of Mark Huras. The founding Editorial Committee members were Paul Benedetti (Western University), Colette Brin (Université Laval), Marc-François Bernier (Université Ottawa), Mary Doyle (Western University), Patricia Elliott (University of Regina), Dean Jobb (University of King’s College), Brian Gabrial (Concordia University), Abby Goodrum (Ryerson University), Linda Kay (Concordia University), Mary McGuire (Carleton University), Bill Reynolds (Ryerson University) and Stephen Ward (University of British Columbia).

Since 2013 J-Source and ProjetJ have been managed by the journalism programs at Ryerson University, Carleton University and Université Laval (until 2017) and supported by financial contributions from Canadian media organizations, trade unions and individual donors. In 2017, ProjetJ was consolidated into J-Source under the management of the journalism programs at Ryerson and Carleton.

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Steph Wechsler

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Dan Westell

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In 2019 J-Source began a relationship with J-Schools Canada/Écoles-J Canada, the organization that represents post-secondary journalism programs in Canada and is the Canadian affiliate of the World Journalism Education Council. Part of that relationship involves a growing focus within the publication on student journalism, journalism and media research and discussion of pedagogical issues for journalism faculty at J-Schools Canada/Écoles-J Canada member institutions.

J-Source is the recipient of the inaugural Michener-L. Richard O’Hagan Fellowship for Journalism Education, which supported the development of the Canada Press Freedom Project. The CPFP was launched in 2022.

Past editors-in-chief:

Sonya Fatah (Ryerson University, August 2018 to July 2021)

Patricia W. Elliott (University of Regina, June 2016 to August 2018)

Bruce Gillespie (Wilfrid Laurier University, August 2013-April 2016)

Janice Neil (Ryerson University, January 2010-August 2013)

Ivor Shapiro (Ryerson University, January 2007-December 2009)