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22 January 2016
We need to find new ways to support media outlets that don’t depend on advertising revenue.Read
27 October 2015
Canada's top political reporters break down what happened during the 2015 federal election at a CJF J-Talk in Vancouver.
22 October 2015
The new outlet tries to balance serious news reporting with a fun, satirical tone.Read more
09 October 2015
Was it fair for the Globe and Mail to run a major piece on Liberal leader Justine Trudeau so close to voting day?
07 August 2015
The Conservative government is taking part in secret international trade talks that could threaten the future of CBC.Read
04 August 2015
A writer's letter to himself as a story format becomes an extended metaphor for the media and general public’s perceptions of former Ontario premier Mike Harris
24 July 2015
We spoke to the York University communication studies professor and former CBC manager about the report and his upcoming book on the history of public broadcasting in Canada.
21 July 2015
University of Toronto professor's book-length study examines how race factors into news stories about politicians and political candidates.
24 June 2015
Until September, readers of the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Postmedia and more may notice ads telling them about how the reporting they’re consuming is made—and why it’s important.


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