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24 July 2015
We spoke to the York University communication studies professor and former CBC manager about the report and his upcoming book on the history of public broadcasting in Canada.
21 July 2015
University of Toronto professor's book-length study examines how race factors into news stories about politicians and political candidates.
24 June 2015
Until September, readers of the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Postmedia and more may notice ads telling them about how the reporting they’re consuming is made—and why it’s important.
27 May 2015
Simon Bredin's profile of the Power & Politics host charts a transformation from a brash magazine editor to someone who is very much a creature of television.
04 May 2015
In an election where one of the most important issues is government accountability, there has been surprisingly little discussion about reforming FOI law.
23 February 2015
To the extent that there are jobs left in the political cartooning field, the majority still belong to men.
17 February 2015
When reporting on private member’s bills, news outlets don’t always inform their audiences of the obvious: they rarely become law.
13 February 2015
Mark Bourrie chronicles the Harper government’s approach to information, communication and control.Read
09 February 2015
Canadian politics reporting helped turn a subject that should be the concern of the many into something that’s a concern for the few, writes Sean Holman.


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