Postmedia not naming those who took the buy-out, but Twitter announcements have rolled in.

By H.G. Watson, Associate Editor

Twelve people have taken buy-outs at the Ottawa Citizen, a Postmedia spokesperson confirmed.

Georgia Sourtzis, a communications manager at Postmedia, said she cannot name who in the newsroom has taken a buy-out.

A list circulated on Twitter had 15 names, including editor Andrew Potter, who actually announced his departure on Jan. 12, a week before Postmedia announced its voluntary buy-out program. Potter left the Citizen to take a job at McGill University.

Sourtizis could only confirm 12 buyouts. A source told J-Source that all the departures were by choice.

Among those who have announced or confirmed they are leaving are a senior editor, a top national affairs reporter and the homes editor.

Drew Gragg, deputy editor, confirmed to J-Source that he was leaving but did not confirm if he was taking a buy-out.

Anita Murray, homes editor, told J-Source she was leaving the Citizen of her own accord. Glen McGregor, national affairs reporter, said his departure was voluntary and amicable.

The buy-outs were announced in the wake of cuts at Postmedia last month that saw 90 people lose their jobs. Sourtzis said buy-outs have not yet been offered at the Province, in Vancouver, and no voluntary buy-outs were offered in Alberta.

In 2014, there were seven buy-outs at the Citizen.

Those remaining in the now merged CitizenOttawa Sun newsroom were quick to point out that reporters are still there, reporting on Ottawa’s news.

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