Year / 2006

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  • The Asper-ization of Canadian news

    FeatureDespite a Senate committee’s renewed warning of the perils of media concentration, Jessica McDiarmid reports in the King’s Journalism Review, Ottawa is doing nothing to curb the loss of voices — and the threat to freedom of the press.
  • Editor of N.S. weekly demoted after advertiser complains

    FeatureWas John DeMings’ demotion a blow for press freedom in the town of Digby, N.S., or simply a management shuffle to improve efficiency? As Paul McLeod writes in the King’s Journalism Review, it depends who you ask.
  • Romania’s struggle with press freedom

    FeatureRomanian readers want their news to be fun — and soaked in scandal, Arwen Kidd reports from Bucharest in the King’s Journalism Review.
  • Pssst … try the back door to cyberspace

    FeatureOn the frontiers of human rights and technology, Julia Belluz writes in the Ryerson Review of Journalism, outspoken nerds fight to free the flow of information on the web.
  • Quebec courts reject businessman’s privacy claim

    NewsThe Montreal Gazette and two other Quebec media outlets won access in December 2006 to the financial information of a businessman at the centre of a major lawsuit. The Gazette‘s Mike King reports.
  • The U.S. government’s assault on press freedom

    CommentaryIn a nation that preaches the virtues of democracy, the United States government has consistently eroded the media’s ability to report — undermining the ideals it professes to uphold. Lawyer and law professor William Bennett Turner comments in the San…
  • Copyright 101

    BackgrounderYou can’t print that … or can you? Copyright law gives writers and artists control over how their works and used, but there are exceptions for publishing excerpts and using material in the classroom. Find out more.
  • Supreme Court upholds freelancers’ copyright

    NewsDatabases compiled by newspapers and other publishers cannot reproduce freelance work without the agreement of writers, photographers and illustrators, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled in October 2006. It is a partial victory for writer Heather Robertson, who launched a…
  • Alberta judge protects CBC’s sources

    NewsAn Alberta judge has refused to force the CBC to disclose documents that would identify confidential sources to Edmonton’s former chief of police, who’s suing the network for defamation over a televised report alleging he engaged in sexual relations and…
  • Freedom of expression 101

    BackgrounderSection 2(b) of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms protects “freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication.” A primer on how the courts have interpreted these rights and what they…