Adrienne Arsenault, CBC News

Adrienne Arsenault, CBC News

Original nomination:

Watching Adrienne Arsenault in action is a special experience. There is no one better in the business at grabbing hold of a story and telling it with surpassing brilliance. I nominate her for Newsperson of the Year on the strength of another season of outstanding coverage. Now based in Toronto after several postings in foreign bureau, Adrienne continues to demonstrate amazing ability as a reporter. Her coverage of the crisis in Attawapiskat was typical. She was among the first journalists on the story and she stayed ahead of the curve throughout. Always probing. Always asking the tough questions. Always connecting to audiences with her unrivaled skill as a story teller. And what range! When she wasn’t tackling major domestic issues like Attawapiskat, she was reporting from Beijing on the Communist Party Congress, or the breakthrough elections in Burma, or the remarkable “Sprint Factory” in Kingston, Jamaica.


This segment from Attawapiskat, aired early in 2012, received much attention with the release of the Attawapiskat audit in January 2013

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