Here’s all of our liveblogs from the 2017 Canadian Association of Journalists conference in Ottawa.

Here is all of our liveblogs from the 2017 Canadian Association of Journalists conference in Ottawa.

#CAJ17 Keynote: Melanie Joly

Joly talked about the government’s role in helping to support Canadian media. You can also watch our livestream of the event on Periscope.

#CAJ17: Harassment online

Thanks to social media, people can easily send journalists suggestions and critiques. But they can also send threats and reveal personal information. Shannon Proudfoot, Holly Moore and Manisha Krishnan, journalists who have experienced intense racist and sexist attacks, will explain how they coped—and what they wish they’d known beforehand. A prominent anti-harassment activist, Julie S. Lalonde, will offer practical advice on how reporters can keep themselves safe—as well as their sources.

#CAJ17: Diversity in Canadian media

Canadian journalists are covering a cascade of social issues, from Black Lives Matter protests to the inquiry on missing and murdered Indigenous women. Reporters are coming across disturbing cases of Islamophobia and uplifting stories of communities embracing newcomers. Three journalists with a range of life experience and reporting—Manisha Krishnan, Amira Elghawaby, and Francine Compton—will discuss Canadian media’s shortfalls and successes, while offering practical advice to better cover our diverse society.

#CAJ17: Interviewing tips

From convincing people to go on-record about emotionally difficult topics, to cutting through a seasoned politician’s spin, get tips from those who do it best: Shannon Proudfoot, Robyn Doolittle, and David Akin.

#CAJ17: Q&A with Justin Brake

Imagine you follow a story and it ultimately lands you in a courtroom. That’s what happened to Justin Brake, reporter and editor of The Independent in Labrador, when he was reporting on Muskrat Falls last fall. This Q&A explores what happened and the consequence of his editorial decision to keep covering a story no matter where it was happening.

#CAJ17: Global Freedom of Expression

Many journalists face grievous threats to their freedom of expression and safety. In some countries, journalists are routinely vilified by the state. In extreme cases, journalists are jailed, physically harmed or killed. This panel, which includes journalists Luis Horacio Nájera, Kennedy Jawoko and Arzu Yildiz, takes us to the front lines of the fight for free speech and journalism under duress in Mexico, South Sudan and Turkey.

#CAJ17: How to get hired

A good cover letter and resume will get you in the door. Find out what you need to do—and avoid—from two people who hire journalists. Karyn Pugliese is APTN’s executive editor of news and current affairs, and Ruth Zowdu is managing editor of CBC Ottawa.


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