While maintaining a watching brief on Africa and the Middle East, Canadian world headlines zeroed-in on events unfolding south of the border Friday.

By Adam Jönsson, for the International Reporting Bureau at Humber College

Much of Canada’s international coverage focused on events closer to home Friday, with reports of a Doctors without Borders Ebola nurse breaking quarantine in Maine and the apprehension of a U.S. survivalist and alleged killer featuring prominently .

The National Post ran the headline ‘‘Quarantine broken’’ on its front page below the fold with a throw to the inside. The story about a nurse breaking a 21-day quarantine issued by authorities in Maine after she returned from West Africa was reported by The New York Times.

The Toronto Star also placed its Ebola coverage prominently in the world section of Friday’s paper. The story was reported by Associated Press and ran under the headline ‘‘Maine nurse defiant over Ebola quarantine.’’

The Globe and Mail kicked off its online world section with a report about a U.S. survivalist captured after a seven-week manhunt. The story ran under the headline ‘‘U.S. survivalist, wanted in deadly ambush on troopers, caught after long manhunt’’ and was reported by AP.

CTV News also ran an AP story about the apprehension of the man accused of killing a Pennsylvania State Trooper and seriously wounding another. The story ran under the headline ‘‘Survivalist nabbed: ‘He gave up because he was caught.’’’

The CBC continued its coverage of the conflict in Burkina Faso Friday. The broadcaster topped the world section of its website with an AP story on protesters who marched through the capital to demand the resignation of the country’s president Blaise Compaoré. Headlined ‘‘Burkina Faso protesters demand President Blaise Compaoré resign’’ the story ran with a Reuters photo of two soldiers  beating a protester with a stick.

Global News led its online world section with a story on the first operational flights of the Canadian fighter jets deployed to aid the U.S.- led airstrikes against ISIS jihadists in Iraq. The story was reported by The Canadian Press and ran under the headline ‘‘Canada completes first CF-18 operational missions over Iraq.’’