Canadian media focuses on Syriza win in Greece and violent clashes in the Ukraine and Egypt.

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               By Noel Fortner, for the International Reporting Bureau Humber College

The victory of Greece’s radical left Syriza party, deadly protests in Egypt and continued attacks by Boko Haram in northern Nigeria led international reports by Canadian media Monday. 

The front page of The Globe and Mail had a photo taken by Alexandros Stamatiou of Reuters showing the newly elected Greek leader Alexis Tsipras. The photo ran above the headline “A sharp left turn away from austerity” and then threw to page nine. 

The Globe continued its international coverage with a half page report on Boko Haram on page A3. The report by Geoffrey York from Abuja, Nigeria ran with an image of U.S. secretary of state John Kerry meeting with Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan in Lagos on Sunday. 


The Globe rounded out its coverage with a report from Reuters headlined “Ukranian rebels step up attacks” on A8 with an image of burnt-out cars.  

The National Post also kicked off its international coverage with a front page photo of Greece’s Alexis Tsipras from Petros Giannakouris of the Associated Press. The photo threw to a page A7 report by The Washington Post’s Griff Witte. 

The Post continued its international coverage with a report from AP writers Hamza Hendawi and Sarah El Deeb on anti-government protests in Cairo. The report was headlined “Death of activist roils Egypt” and ran with a photo of a bloodied Egyptian activist being carried away from clashes with police. 

The Toronto Star also ran a report from Hamza Hendawi and Sarah El Deeb of the AP but under the headline “Deadly clashes mar Arab Spring anniversary.” The lead was the same as the report in the Post but the report ran longer and was accompanied by an image of a protester being arrested.

The Star continued its international coverage with a report from AP writer Haruna Umar headlined “Boko Haram invades key Nigerian city.” It ran with an image of citizens being frisked before entering a political rally in Nigeria. 

The Star rounded out its coverage with a report from Anita Kumar of the Tribune News Service on a nuclear agreement reached by the U.S. and India. The report ran under the headline “Obama, Modi forge agreement on strengthening defence pact and developing ‘friendship.’”

The CBC kicked off its online international coverage with an AP report headlined “Alexis Tsipras, leader of Greece’s Syriza party, gains backing to be next prime minister.”

On the Sunday edition of The National, a report on fighting in Mariupol, Ukraine ran with unverified dash cam video footage of drivers being shelled.

CTV’s international coverage featured a report from Sarah El Deeb of the AP under the headline “Images of shot Egypt protester revive focus on police violence.” 

Topping off CTV’s coverage was a report from Nedra Pickler of AP on the the White House being locked down after an unmanned aerial vehicle was reportedly found on the grounds.