Wednesday saw Canadian international coverage focused on peace talks in Minsk and U.S. President Barack Obama’s effort for congressional approval in the campaign against ISIS.

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By Kyle Wyskiel, for the International Reporting Bureau at Humber College

Canadian international coverage Wednesday focused on fighting in the Ukraine and U.S. President Barack Obama seeking congressional approval to launch a campaign against ISIS.

The National Post began its coverage with a front-page report headlined “Shelling drills in Mariupol amid talk of ceasefire.” The article, by Rick Lyman in Mariupol, depicts school children having to take part in simulated bombing drills and also details the tentative ceasefire being worked out in Minsk. The article continued on page A12.

The Globe and Mail launched its coverage of the Ukraine with an article headlined “War and peace talks.” The article ran with a photograph by Sergey Ponomarev of a man behind a stationary gun in the pro-Russian held Donetsk airport. The report focused on a meeting in Minsk today between European leaders Angela Merkel, Frances Hollande, President Vladimir Putin and Petro Poroshenko. The article continued on page 8.


The Globe also featured an article on Obama seeking the endorsement of congress in the bombing war against Islamic State. The report, by Paul Koring in Washington, ran under the headline “Obama sends Congress draft plan for war on Islamic State.” The report said this will be the first war vote Congress has taken since the invasion of Iraq 13 years ago. The article continued on page 11.

CTV News kicked off its online international coverage with a report by Peter Leonard of AP headlined “Fighting continues in Ukraine ahead of peace talks.” The report ran with an unattributed photograph of a bombed bus and described the killing of five people at a bus station in Donetsk.

The Toronto Star’s international coverage focused on imprisoned Al Jazeera producer Baher Mohamed. The Star published a report by Olivia Ward and Sharif Abdel Kouddous under the headline “Al Jazeera’s ‘third man’ awaits trial.” The report was accompanied by a Getty photo of Mohamed’s wife and child.

CTV also featured an online report on Canadian journalist Mohamed Fahmy under the headline “Fahmy family launches #HarperCallEgypt campaign for jailed journalist.” The report by Diana Mehta of The Canadian Press detailed the online campaign aimed at pressuring Prime Minister Stephen Harper to aid the imprisoned journalist after a retrial was set for him by Egyptian authorities. The article also featured a CTV News video of the Fahmy family awaiting his release.