Canadians caught in a Nepalese avalanche led the headlines of many major news outlets Friday.

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By Adam Jönsson, for the International Reporting Bureau at Humber College

The fates of Canadians caught up in an avalanche in Nepal earlier this week led the world headlines of many Canadian news outlets Friday.

The CBC, The Globe and Mail and the National Post all covered the avalanche story from different perspectives.

The CBC’s website zeroed-in on one victim, leading its world section with “Nepal avalanche: Jan Rooks, B.C. children’s’ nurse, ID’d as victim.” The story also gave a background of the tragedy in the Himalayas that killed 29 people. The story was reported with files from the Associated Press.

The Globe and Mail ran its avalanche coverage on page A5 with reports by Tu Thanh Ha, Ingrid Peritz and Sunny Dhillon. The Globe focused on some of the Canadians missing in the natural disaster at the height of the Nepalese trekking season. On its front page, the Globe ran a piece on Russian president Vladimir Putin’s high approval rating despite continued western sanctions. The story ran below the fold and was reported by Mark MacKinnon in Moscow.

The National Post tailored its avalanche coverage around one of the survivors, Sonia Leveque. The front page story ran above the fold with a four-column picture of Leveque and the headline “We fought for survival and we were lucky … Nobody in the group wanted to die.” The story had a throw to the inside and was reported by The Canadian Press with files from Associated Press.

The Toronto Star also ran an avalanche story on its front page titled “They’re Alive!” The story was placed below the fold with a throw to the inside.

CTV News ran a short AP story about attacks on Albanian business owners in Serbia after a tumultuous soccer game between the nations earlier this week.

Global News ran a story on how the first U.S. health-care worker diagnosed with Ebola has been transferred from Texas to a Maryland hospital. The story topped Global’s online world section and was reported by Irene Ogrodnik with files from AP.