The Canadian Journalism Foundation’s News Literacy Award is accepting submissions from news organizations now until February 16.

The award “celebrates efforts to encourage Canadians to understand and critically assess the quality of news in their community as well as the practices that underpin factual reporting as key contributions to Canadian democracy,” according to a CJF press release.

The winning organization will receive a $10,000 prize.

The following types of news projects are eligible for the award:

  • Journalistic works and undertakings that explore the relationship between journalism in all its forms and democratic engagement, with a focus on models for the future of news;
  • Projects that test new or innovative processes or practices that enlighten audiences about the time, effort and costs involved in maintaining standards of excellence and factual reporting in professional journalism in the digital age;
  • Innovative initiatives by news organizations and other relevant organizations that help create an informed news audience by providing them with the tools to help expose misinformation.


For more details, visit the CJF website.