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Call for submissions: Speak Magazine

It's that time of year again: Speak magazine's annual call for submissions. This year Speak is being headed by the University of Regina's jhr Chapter, with support from faculty and students from the University of Regina's School of Journalism and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. Speak is an annual human rights magazine published by jhr (Journalists for Human Rights) that focuses on a different theme each year. University students across Canada contribute articles and one university is chosen to edit and produce the magazine.

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The Rights Check-up: first edition podcast

A group of Concordia journalism students delve into the role social media and journalism can play in preventing mass atrocities and genocide in the premier edition of this Journalists for Human Rights "Rights Check-up" podcast. This podcast was originally broadcast on

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A new fellowship for foreign reporting

Applications are now being accepted for the inaugural R. James Travers Foreign Corresponding Fellowship which will provide major funding to a journalist each year who wants to pursue a major story overseas. 

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Five questions for Duncan McCue

University of British Columbia graduate school j-prof Duncan McCue is spearheading the school's brand new, one-of-a-kind journalism course, "Reporting in Indigenous Communities". Developed in partnership with several B.C. aboriginal communities, the course is designed to elevate Canada's not-so-great coverage of aboriginal issues. We caught up with the award-winning CBC journalist and Chippewas of Georgina Island First Nation member, to talk about the course, what's with all the ignorance, plus common pitfalls for journalists reporting on aboriginal communities and issues.

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Just another schmuck with a camera

To celebrate our new partnership with the Langara Journalism Review, an all-journalism publication from B.C.-based Langara College's j-program, we're featuring the 2011 cover story on photojournalist Andy Clark. Clark may say he's just another schmuck with a camera, but as Langara writer Leasa Hachey writes, he also gets the shot nobody else does. Read on for a taste of what great stuff you can expect from Langara this school year – especially with a new website on the way.

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Brought to you by J-Source: The top 27 books every j-student should read

After you're done checking out all the sites on our primer, take a break from the web, and get back into school-mode with a good book. We asked J-Source readers for their picks then added a few of our own. You'll find some old staples on the list, some new, and, even better, some Canadian. Tell us what we missed and we'll mark it as a new addition and add it to the list.

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Thumbs down

Some traditional critics would have you believe the Internet is an intellectual wasteland. Ryerson Review of Journalism writer Ava Baccari tells us why they are so wrong.

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RRJ wins big

The Ryerson Review of Journalism won multiple awards at the recent annual Association for Education in Journalism Mass Communication's Student Magazine Contest. In addition to placing top in the single issue category, three articles from the Winter, 2011 issue also won (two firsts and a second) — as well as two articles in the Summer, 2011 issue (two third places). Haven't picked up a copy yet? Check out Stephen Baldwin's newly-honoured AEJMC winning piece Vice Goes Global: How a foul-mouthed upstart became an unlikely outlet of praiseworthy journalism.

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War Torn

When foreign lands fall into chaos. In this memoir, Ryerson Review of Journalism reporter Vesna Plazacic asks why her younger self blamed Canadian media for failing to fully expose what happened during the Bosnian War, or as she calls it the Bosnian horror.
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Echoes of a Proud Nation: full documentary

Reporting within a small community presents its own challenges, but media in the Mohawk community of Kahnawake face a much larger, longstanding conflict with neighbouring Francophone media. The community of 8,000 is located across the St. Lawrence River from Montreal and is home to a flourishing local media, with its own newspaper, online news outlet and radio and television stations. We bring you inside Kahnawake with Echoes of a Proud Nation, a documentary produced by a team of Ryerson University Masters students.
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